Points of Interest (POIs)


Geo Strategies has databases of Points of Interest (POIs) for Central & Eastern Europe (CEE), and also for the Middle East. These POIs can be supplied as stand-alone databases, or as fully geo-coded lists for use in conjunction with either Geo Strategies' or third-party base-maps.

POI information is divided into two categories - Generic POIs and Business POIs.


Generic POIs are, in essence, details of the public infrastructure including landmarks, beauty spots, churches, monasteries, embassies and other items which will be of direct interest to tourists and the general public.

Business POIs are mainly for enterprise use in conjunction with other applications e.g. for planning, administration and routing.

Business POIs also include added value components such as types of food (for clubs and restaurants), dress-code, type of entertainment, star rating (for Hotels), parking, languages spoken and similar items of interest to the Business community or for those developing Location Based Services for use over the web or via mobile telephony.

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