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Most forms of business, social or socio-economic analysis are based on the ability to "register" or geo-code data with respect to base maps for the area concerned.

All the data from Geo Strategies will already be geo-coded, however, there are situations where users will wish to carry out their own geocoding. In the industry, this is mainly based on postcode boundaries &/or centroids.

The web pages for individual countries (links below) list the availability of postcodes which can be used for the purpose of geocoding. It should be recognised that detailed postcodes are a relative novelty for the EU Enlargement countries of Central & Eastern Europe and, at least by UK standards, they are relatively "crude" in terms of positional accuracy.

However, if the postcode is known, this level of accuracy may be perfectly adequate for the majority of analyses. If greater positional accuracy is required for thematic analysis or routing, then the coordinates may be deduced from a close examination of the Geo Strategies digital road maps which are accurate to ~ 30 metres.

In conjunction with datasets from adjacent countries, international drive-time matrices can be created on request.


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