Administrative boundaries are an essential tool for any geo-spatial analysis. For Romania, there are national administrative boundaries and names which are compatible with the NUTS system. In addition, there are higher fragmentation units based on Census data.



NUTS Products are available at Levels 1-to-5 for Romania National, as follows:

RO-NUTS-1 1 Whole country


22,000,000 inhabitants / polygon
RO-NUTS-2 8 Planning regions


2,750,000 inhabitants / polygon
RO-NUTS-3 42 Counties


520,000 inhabitants / polygon

Romania does not have a category equivalent to NUTS-4

RO-NUTS-5   2,978 Communes


7,500 inhabitants / polygon

There is a further set of boundary polygons available for Romania:


RO-NUTS-5+   13,741 Settlements


1,600 inhabitants / polygon*

Note:  The polygons in this product represent the extent of the built area.


NUTS boundaries for Romania are derived from, and are compatible with Geo Strategies' vector products for the whole country. RO-NUTS products can be combined with any of the other geo-spatial products available for Romania: RO-Top, RO-Road, RO-Street, RO-Pop, RO-PostMap, RO-Lifestyle, RO-Specialist - depending on the application.



Postcode mapping is widely used for business analysis. This is a key instrument for mapping and analysing customers, the commercial environment and suppliers in terms of their spatial relationships. It also has major implications for lifestyle analysis in terms of wealth, education, health and other aspects of the environment.

One can produce thematically shaded maps, or simply search within boundaries to identify spatial trends in business and consumer demographics, marketing response rates, sales territories, school catchments and similar.

Postcode products for Romania (RO-PostMap) developed by Geo Strategies cover both National and Street level.  In all, there are 51,442 postcodes:

National 13,741
Bucharest 12,242
Other urban      25,459

The Geo Strategies postcode boundary products are as follows:

RO-PostMap-1 10


2,200,000 inhabitants / polygon
RO-PostMap-Counties 42


520,000 inhabitants / polygon
RO-PostMap-Bucharest 12,242


150 inhabitants / polygon
RO-PostMap-Urban*    25,459


240 inhabitants / polygon
RO-PostMap-Settlements 13,741


1,600 inhabitants / polygon


*Note:  Urban relates to towns and cities with over 40,000 inhabitants.


There are two types of PostMap products available for Romania: Centroids and Boundaries. In turn, the Boundary products are available at two different resolutions: High Resolution and Low Resolution. High Resolution boundaries are for the most demanding of applications. Low Resolution boundaries are intended for use with thematic mapping, the creation of large territories (e.g. Sales territories), or other applications where positional accuracy is less important. 



Low High





Both postcode centroids and boundaries can be used for geocoding specialist thematic data.

All PostMap products for Romania are derived from, and are compatible with Geo Strategies' vector products for the country. RO-PostMap products can be combined with any of the other geo-spatial products for Romania: RO-Top, RO-Road, RO-Street, RO-Pop, RO-NUTS, RO-Lifestyle, RO-Specialist - depending on the application.

As postal information is continuously changing, RO-PostMap products are scheduled for regular updates throughout the year.



Census boundary products are available for Bucharest.

RO-Census-Bucharest There are 160 census districts for Bucharest.
~ 12,000 inhabitants per enumeration district.

Census boundaries are compatible with all other Geo Strategies vector products for Romania.



Address ranging information is available as a point-file, or as a database linked to the street level data for Bucharest (RO-Street-Bucharest).

Address Ranging is available for the towns and cities listed below:

Alexandria Cluj-Napoca Piatra Neamt
Arad Craiova Resita
Bacau Drobeta-Turnu Severin Sibiu
Barlad Iasi Slobozia
Bistrita Medias Targoviste
Bucuresti Oradea Timisoara

The product code for street plans for each city is as follows:

RO-Address-(Name)  e.g.  RO-Address-Bucharest Address ranging for Bucharest.

We can assign coordinates (geo-code) to each record in your own data on request - see Data Services.


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