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The Population products for Turkey have a standard structure and content and are available for use with both National and Street products. Based on the latest population data available for the country, they provide a consistent database for those applications requiring correlation between demographic detail and the geographic environment.

The database standards which are common across all Geo Strategies' products mean that data sets from adjacent countries can be combined to create regional population statistics at an unprecedented level of detail.

In combination with any of the other products available for Turkey - especially Administrative Boundaries - the Population products illustrate various phenomena and trends which are useful for both strategic and operational purposes.



These are general products showing population distribution, also age and gender structure based on latest census information.

We will be releasing two products in combination with the Boundaries products:


NUTS 4 detail based on 81 polygons


NUTS 5 detail based on 923 polygons


Lifestyle information is extremely variable for CEE countries. As with many of the CEE countries, it is possible to predict lifestyle by correlating data variables which are currently available, in particular from household information (total, size, average living space and income). The data can be provided in combination with Boundaries products at various levels.

Correlation with other geo-referenced statistics data can be created on request. [See Data Services]



These are thematic products which result from the aggregation and correlation of Demographic, Lifestyle, Boundaries and other geo-referenced statistics &/or data, together with the Mapping products (TR-Topo, TR-Road, TR-Street) which are available for Turkey.

Typical Specialist products include ethnic structure, employment status, education infrastructure, health care, media coverage, etc.


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