Gazetteers & Tables


These products are excellent tools for a wide variety of spatial analysis including site location, analysis of sales trends, defining franchise areas, optimisation of delivery routes, etc.


Gazetteers are vital tools for navigating around maps and quickly locating individual streets within cities. They can also be used to geo-code your data and create lists of places within a defined area. Gazetteers can be provided as text files, as a spread sheet or as an Access database.

There are two types of gazetteer available for Ukraine:

UA-Gaz-National A National gazetteer listing all towns, cities and
villages, together with region names and lat/long
UA-Gaz-City Individual gazetteers listing street name and
x,y coordinates within a town or city.  Postcode
information can be added as a separate option
where available and if required.
The cities available are listed under Street Data.

Distance Matrices

Distance Matrices are created on demand as standard tables (based on private car drive-times between postcode sector centroids) &/or as customised tables for any combination of origins and destinations within Ukraine, including user-identified locations such as sales outlets, warehouses, customers or suppliers.

The standard Distance Matrix for Ukraine lists distances and drive times between the 25 administrative centres (oblast city) and can be supplied as a comma delimited text file or as a spread sheet.

UA-Dist-Std Standard Distance Matrix

In conjunction with datasets from adjacent countries, international drive-time matrices can be created on request.



Most forms of business, social or socio-economic analysis is based on the ability to "register" or geo-code data with respect to base maps for the area concerned.

All the data from Geo Strategies will already be geo-coded, however, there are situations where users will wish to carry out their own geocoding. In the industry, this is mainly based on postcode boundaries &/or centroids.

There are a total of 20,089 postcodes for Ukraine which means that each postcode, on average, covers 30.1 sq km or has a radius of 3.1 km, and includes ~ 873 households. For Kiev, there are 6,000 postcodes which, on average, enclose an area with a radius of 134 m and include ~ 155 households.

If the postcode is known, this level of accuracy may be perfectly adequate for the majority of analyses. If, however, greater positional accuracy is required for thematic analysis or routing, then the coordinates may be deduced from a close examination of the Geo Strategies digital road maps which are accurate to ~ 30 metres.


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